How can I even begin to explain how Donna Cohen has changed my business life? First of all, she understands me and my business. She expresses my thoughts in MY words and although I am not always the one writing the content, blasts or other information - it always sounds like me! She is on the ball ALL the time. She never needs a reminder to do the work. She has it done on time EVERY time and she pushes me to keep up with deadlines and content. Donna is creative, clever and quick! Her work is beautiful and flawless - and she is an exceptional communicator. I always feel "heard" and well taken care of. She writes beautifully and everything that is produced by Donna is on a highly professional level. I have given her the keys to my castle and I trust her with my business. If anyone has a chance to hire Donna - please know that she is ethical and exceptional. Donna Cohen was one of the best business decisions I have ever made!

SHARI WALLACK, President, Buy The Sea

Donna is fantastic. I would recommend hiring her to anyone that needs assistance with their web site, web marketing, or social media. She knows what she's doing and she's really nice too. :)

Neil Cramer, President – All Things Meetings

Donna is a smart digital media executive who has helped various industries take advantage of new technology. She was always a pleasure to work with when I was at AT&T Wireless and demonstrated a deep understanding of how to structure mutually beneficial partnerships. I would enjoy working with Donna again in the future. 

Jon Vlassopulos, Founder and CEO at Tastemates

Donna was on the cutting edge before most people even new what the internet was! She took on the Music Biz, fought for change!

Jeremy Welt, President - Marketing, Digital Strategy and Audience Development.

Donna and I worked together both at the SoftAd Group in Sausalito (a company that pioneered electronic multimedia marketing) and Apple Computer. She is an immensely talented and creative individual, who always goes the extra mile and pushes the cutting edge with the most captivating ideas. Her energy to achieve the best and most effective mix of design and technology results is boundless.

MICHAEL ARENT, Apple Computer

In the entire time that I was at WMG there wasn't a a single important New Media project that got accomplished, or likely would have gotten accomplished, without Donna's force behind it. She has a great creative mind complemented by technical understanding and that rare ability to shift between strategy and execution without breaking stride.

PAUL DALE, Software Architect


Donna is an incredibly energetic, smart, well-connected media executive. She combines years of big company managerial experience with fast-moving startup savvy. Donna's deep Rolodex and "whatever it takes" attitude makes her a valuable addition to any team. I highly recommend her. NEIL CRAMER, President, All Things Meetings, Inc.

ROBERT MAY, Retired Investor, Entrepreneur


I had the pleasure of working with Donna while at TouchCommerce (formerly inQ). Donna led the Customer Experience Group and I worked closely with her on many different projects from large to small . We were extremely successful working together in a team effort and will find her easy to work with in any arena. She not only provides a service, but is able to arrive at a solution to solve the issue in question. A diligent worker she always sees the job through, regardless of how much time is required. Donna would be a great asset to any organization. 

LISA DESOUZA, Strategic Consultant, Business Analyst, Program /Engagement Manager


Donna is an extraordinarily talented and creative executive who always delivers. She has vision, focus and fearless drive to serve both the team and the customer. BOB BUNSHAFT, Principal, Co-Founder at Corporate Acumen Partners

BOB BUNSHAFT, Principal, Co-Founder at Corporate Acumen Partners