2015 “A Tiny Tale” exhibition, Arcana Books in Los Angeles (Watercolors and Acrylic Paint with Found Objects, Photographed with a Macro Lens)

2013 APLA juried show and auction in West Hollywood (Wetworks – Watercolors and Sculpted Acrylic Paint, Photographed with a Macro Lens)

2012 Light Space & Time Online Gallery juried show (Wetworks)

2012 APLA juried show and auction in West Hollywood (Wetworks)

2012 Los Angeles Center For Digital Art juried group show (Wetworks) 1987 New Technology Art in America Series group show at HI Tech Exhibition Space in San Francisco (Computer Graphic Painting)

1986 Siggraph Group Art Show in San Francisco (Computer Graphic Painting)

1985 Ylem Group Art Show in San Francisco (Computer Graphic Painting)

1977 Solo Graduation Show for School of Visual & Performing Arts College at Syracuse University in NY (Acrylics, Etchings and Mixed Media)


2018 Hand Painted Hat Liners -- "Watsons Hats" (Painting and Marketing)

2014 62 Illustrations for Hardcover Book and Audio Readalong “A Tiny Tale: a Children's Story for Adults" (Painting, Photography, Design and Production)

2012 – Client Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Logos (Art and Graphic Design, Coding, and Production)

2012 – 13 “Secret Bedfellows” SciFi RomCom TV Pilot (Production and Social Media Marketing)

2012 "Reflexion Health" Interactive Physical Therapy at Home System (User Experience Design Consulting)

2005 – 09 "Touch Commerce" (Customer Experience and Chat Protocol Designing and Consulting)

2003 – 05 Cingular, NBC, UPN Network, Universal Television, VIBE & SPIN Magazines (Design, Production, and Consulting for Mobile Music Applications)

1995 – 03 Warner Music Group -- (Design, Production, Consulting)

  • Produced First Online Music Festival

  • Designed & Launched First Record Company Music Website

  • Designed Musical Greeting Card Website

  • Designed Global Web Architecture Platform and Tools for Online Marketing

  • Produced Ringtones for Missy Elliott, Madonna, Barenaked Ladies and more

  • Designed First Music Mobile Applications to Promote Warner Music Artists  

1992 – 94 Philips Interactive Media -- (Design, Production) Designed and Produced Interactive CD-I Programs:

  • Kodak Photo Disc Series, Mapplethorpe Flowers

  • How to Photograph Nature

  • Guide to National Parks

  • Make Your Own Baby Album

  • Kathy Smith Personal Trainer

  • Dr. David Viscott Psychological Advisor

1989 – 91 Warner New Media -- (Design, Production) Audio NotesTM -- Designed and Produced Series of Classical Music CD-ROMS for Warner New Media:

  • Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” a 3 Disc Set
  • Beethoven’s “String Quartet No. 14 Op. 131”
  • Brahms' “German Requiem”
  • The Orchestra Based on Benjamin Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to The Orchestra”
  • Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”

1988 – 89 Apple Computer Human Interface Group for Experiments in Public Information Systems (Design, Consulting)

1986 – 88 SoftAd Group -- Designed Interactive Advertising and Point of Sale Kiosks for BMW, Siemens Medical Systems, Buick, Diners Club, Apple, and IBM (Design)

1987 PBS -- Producer of “Computer Animation Magic” Documentary, voted Best Animated Program by Video Magazine (Design and Production)

1983 – 84 Chuck E. Cheese/Pizza Time Theatre (Nolan Bushnell) -- Group Lead in Co-Development with New York Institute of Technology for The First Computer Assisted Animation Systems (Design and Production)

1982 Panorama Productions in San Francisco -– Established Computer Graphics Department and Produced Multimedia Productions (Design and Production)

1979 – 81 Genigraphics -- Computer Graphics Production Artist (Digital Painting)

Invitational Panel Participant & Seminar Leader

2010 “Digital Hollywood” -- Panel Participant “Delivering Advertising and Video Programming -- Streaming and Live Broadband and Mobile: The Next Consumer Entertainment and Information Experience”

2007 Forrester Consumer Forum -- Presentation “You Don’t Know Chat”

1998 Webnoize -- Panel Participant “Madison Ave Meets Music Online”

1998 Mint -- Panel Participant “Beyond the Music Content” and “Creating Enhanced CDs”

1997 Musicom -- Panel Participant “Music and New Media: The Market Potential”

1996 MacWorld Expo -- Panel Participant “Music and Multimedia: When the MAC Hits the Music Track”

1996 Digital Hollywood -- Panel Participant “Music Industry on On-line/CDROM”

1995 Music & Multimedia -- Panel Moderator “Rolling Your Own – Producing a Multimedia Project

1992 Multimedia Case Study -– Presentation “Design of a Look-and-Feel CDROM-Based Information Kiosk”; Panel Participant “The Apple Macintosh Platform, Pros and Cons

1992 SIGCHI -- Panel Participant “Collaborating in the World of Multimedia”

1991 MultiMedia Expo -- Panel Participant “The Entertainment Leviathan: Merging TV, CD, VCR & Computer Technology"

1991 International Interactive Communication Society -- Presentation “Warner New Media

1991 Home Media Expo -- Panel Participant “Music + Video on Interactive CDs & Laserdiscs”; Presentation “Warner New Media”

1990 Macintosh L.A. -- Panel Participant “Desktop Video: How Graphic Artists Are Using It Now”

1990 Cinetex (American Film Institute) -- Panel Participant “Interactive Multimedia – Defining a New Medium"

1990 Presentations Graphics & Multimedia -- Panel Participant “Independent Versus In-House Multimedia Production"

1986 Video Expo -- Full Day Seminar Leader “Computer Graphics and Animation for Video”


PRODUCTS 2002 – 03 Warner Music Group Wireless Product Launches:

  • Covered by Billboard, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Hollywood,, News, Hits

1998 Warner Music Group MusicFest:

  • Covered by USA Today, MediaWeekOnline, San Jose Mercury News, Webnoize, Daily Music News, Rocktropolis, The Industry Standard, Wall of Sound, ABC National News Feed

1989 – 91 Warner New Media CDROM Launch:

  • Covered by CNN Entertainment, Billboard, MacWorld, MacUser;
  • Product “The String Quartet” received 5 Mice Top Rating, reviewed by Audio Visual Communications and by MacUser;
  • Product “The Magic Flute” received 4 Mice Rating, reviewed by MacWorld, Technology and Learning, Technology Review, Los Angeles Times, Electronic Musician, MacWeek, and CDROM EndUser

1988 “The Computer Graphics Special” Award Winning Documentary reviewed by American Cinematographer, and by Film Tape Transfer Magazine


2008 DMNews Essential Guide to eCommerce -- “Live Customer Chat: A Winning Retail Strategy”

1985 Computer Graphics Today -- “Computer Graphics Latest Style in Fashion Industry”

1985 Computer Graphics Today -- “Design Workstations Give Artists Powerful Tool”

1985 Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) -- “Computer Assisted Film & Video Production”

1985 Symbolics World News -- “3D Animation Becomes Available to the Artist”

1984 – 85 Whole Earth Software Review –- Computer Graphics Consumer Software

1984 BAVC -- “A Sampling of Computer Graphics Available in the Bay Area” and “Computer Graphics: The Aesthetic Frontier”


1989 – 92 American Film Institute -- Apple Computer Advisory Board

1985 – 86 ACM Siggraph various locations -- Co-Creator: Student Poster Competition


2010 – 13 Adjunct Professor: New Media, Alternative Media, and History of Broadcasting, at Film and Electronic Arts Department of California State University Long Beach, CA

1984 – 88 Art Professor: Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA -- Developed Computer Graphics Curriculum and taught the Program

1979 Volunteer Art Teacher: SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center) Venice, CA


1977 BFA with Honors, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, NY

1975 Summer Six, Printmaking Program, Skidmore College, NY

1972 – 73 Arts Students League, NY

1972 Rhode Island School of Design